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Lomo Mic

Set of 2 x LOMO OKTAVA MKE-2 rare vintage condenser microphones stereo pair 1985


Pair of LOMO 82A-5MU2 - Soviet USSR Vintage Dynamic Microphones


NEW USSR rare Lomo 82A-12 U3 Vintage Soviet Microphone in original wooden box


Vintage Russian Tube Microphone Lomo KMD 19A9. Complete original set! MINT


Rare Lomo MD-300 (mod: XLR)


SUPER RARE OKTAVA ML-11M vintage ribbon microphone 1958 LOMO XLR RCA 77 analog


LOMO 82A-12UZ - Vintage Soviet Dynamic Microphone '80s


USSR rare Lomo MD-300 Vintage Soviet Microphone


Lomo 82A-12 U3 Vintage Soviet Microphone in original wooden box USSR


Vintage pro studio condenser microphone LOMO MKE-271 (re-polarized!)


Soviet vintage retro Condenser Lomo microphone Octave MKE-2 1984 USSR New


Vintage Lomo MKE-271 vintage Soviet USSR Condenser (electret) microphone


One Shock mount Lomo for vintage microphone Lomo


Soviet Vintage pro studio condenser microphone LOMO MKE-100 USSR 1978 year


Vintage lomo mic input transformers


Lomo MD-300-I-Y2 rare vintage Soviet USSR dynamic microphone


7-pin female cable connector for LOMO 19A19 19A18 19A13 19A4 microphone.


For Lomo 19a9 and other 2/8" to 5/8" Stand/Mic Clip Thread Adaptor


LOMO 3U-06 nuvistor microphone preamplifier 1970's (+Samples)


Vintage transformer 3:1 for Lomo 19a9 PSU for replacement or mod tube mic kits


Lomo KM-17 mic/line pre channel strip Siemens WSW clones


RARE Electret microphone MKE-271 vintage Soviet USSR microphone Elektret


Best Vintage Soviet Mic Lomo 19a19 with Video Sound Test vs U47


LOMO 3U-06 USSR nuvistor microphone preamplifier racked fully serviced


LOMO 82A 5M Microphone New Old Stock Wire


Lomo YN-1 Vintage Tube Microphone Relay Switching System UI-1 YN1


Capsule of microphone LOMO 19A4


PSU for Lomo 19a19, 19a13 microphones.


2x Two Vintage Lomo 19a19 Cardioid Condenser Microphones


vintage LOMO KINAP input preamplifier transformers mic ussr soviet hi-fi 2


LOMO 82a-5m & 19a9 19A-9 microphone stand ADAPTER


LOMO germanium microphone preamp card (Siemens wsw telefunken Sitral API)


vintage LOMO KINAP input mic preamplifier transformers ussr soviet hi-fi


Vintage Soviet Pro Condenser Microphone Oktava Lomo MKE 271 Elektret NOS